Sunday, August 21, 2011

I LOVE free stuff!!!!!

Hi Everyone! This post is going to be short. When I got home from work on Friday my neighbors had some stuff set out to the curb.  They must have known the stuff wasn't quite ready for the landfill yet because garbage day isn't until Monday night/Tuesday morning. I walked down and checked it out and then....I walked the stuff three houses up the street to our house! I chuckled at myself the whole way.
The brain started thinking. That is probably why it took so long to find the dining room.  I would work on decorating the dining room and cleaning up that mess and then I would have to sit down and try to bond with my new found FREE treasures.  Of course they were pictured here doing this and pictured there doing that. I would get back up and go back to the fall decorating and then I would get the "I wonder..." and I would sit and look some more or do some measuring. Well, here are the free treasures!

 Two drawers and a table! These drawers are pretty serious business. I have put one to use (will see in a later post) and the other will make the trip upstairs until its use comes to one of us. The table is a cute little table. I think it's life as a table has come to an end. I am pretty sure the legs will go down to the spindle stash in Jim's shop and there is a good chance the table top will become a sign!
 Doesn't this have a nice sign shape to it? Turn your computer monitor upside down if you can't see it. *he he he* When these items meet their new purpose there will be a post. I will be sure to repost some of these befores to compare to the afters.
Now I just need to see my neighbors to thank them for my new treasures! Have a great day everyone!!!!
:) Jen

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