Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday's yard sale treasures...

Yesterday's yard sale adventures turned out to be really good for the craft room! It was like the birthday fairy scheduled this yard sale just for ME! The ad in the paper listed some of the things that would be at the sale and in that list was "scrapbooking (cricut)." That address was now the FIRST stop of the day.

We pull up and there is someone going through the scrapbook supplies. Yes! My heart sank a little. I walk towards the same table and there sits this Gypsy! I have it in my hand looking at it, it was still wearing the original plastic that covered the display. I asked the girl how much. I hadn't figured out how much was too much but figured we would cross that bridge when we got there. She says "Fifty dollars." and I say "SOLD!" She shows me all the different cords and tells me she has used it THREE times. Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

She was selling her carts for $20 each. I picked up the Nursery Rhymes cart. There was also a huge stack of paper for $5. Lots of embellishments and a BRAND NEW, still in all of the packaging,  Your Story. Amazing price of $35. Came home with some other odds and ends too. Jim got a new tool box. It is very cool! I told him I was taking it for my craft desk. :) I didn't and I won't.

The Gypsy! I know you've all seen one before, but this one is now MINE!

There were other yard sale treasures as well! The tall Santa was only 50 cents!!!! I figured that since it was later in the morning his price was too high ~ imagine my surprise when the sticker said .50. Everything in this picture... $1.25.

We finished the day off by going to the beach. Lake Erie, Conneaut Ohio. A day at the beach is good for the soul! The Conneaut Lighthouse can be seen in the distance.

Our lake rocks we brought home. I was going to share the beach glass with you, but that picture apparently doesn't want to be seen.

Hope you are having great weekend too! Thanks for stopping by!

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