Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A rolling pin towel holder

Fall is in the air. Yesterday, I saw my first tree with its leaves changing. / soon? already?
I am enjoying the cooler weather though. We started ripping tomato plants out of the ground. We really wanted to plant some fall crops last week, but now we are shooting for this week. Keep your fingers crossed. We have been getting lots of canning done and there will be pictures of that in the future. PROMISE!

I wanted to give you a closer look at the rolling pin towel bar that you had a glimpse of  when I posted about the countertop.   

Above is a look at the end result. The link back to that post can be found above the picture as well.

The rolling pin used as the towel bar is the same rolling pin as in this picture.
These two pieces were given to me by a friend who was cleaning out her basement.
I love it when my friends bring me their "junk!!"
When she brought them to me she said "I knew if there was anyone that could give these things another life, it would be you!" {giggle}
These pieces sat on the dining room table for a couple days and "their new life" hadn't come to me yet.
When we started making room for Grandma's china cabinet (post coming soon, I PROMISE) these pieces were placed in a basket to go upstairs.

When we redid part of the kitchen there was a bare spot on the side of the 'bottom cupboards.' That is when the light came on. I went and got the rolling pin (and Jim) and I went over to where I wanted it and said "Is there any way you can make this hang here?" He said "Of course!", took the rolling pin and disappeared downstairs. He would come back up now and then but there wasn't any sign of what was taking place. Several hours later he comes upstairs with a container that had parts, pieces and tools and that is how we get to this picture:

Well now!! Isn't that nifty!!! He even stained them!!

Speaking of stain, we have decided we are going to stain this end of the door.
We made a cut here for it to fit and the cut is a little tooooo bright!

Back on track, the rolling pin rests in the little notches. I call them J hooks.
They looked like J's before he attached them to the cupboard.

A closer look at the notches and the lovely green handles!!!
I think the green handles are my favorite thing about the rolling pin...
ok, a close second behind being the first person my friend thought of!!!!!

I had been sorting linens for a different project (the answer to the question you just asked yourself in your head is TOOOOO MANY!!) I went and got this towel from one of the piles.


There you have it! 
I think it works nicely on this space!
We already had all the pieces, parts, etc for this project!!!

Clever huh???

What would you have done with the rolling pin????

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  1. Very clever idea. I love that you used a rolling pin. Thanks so much for stopping by Posed Perfection last week and leaving me sweet notes about the brownies and the thrifty kitchen island. I am your newest follower. I hope you'll be back for another visit soon. Have a great week!

  2. Really cute idea!!

    Thanks so much for your visit!!


  3. What a great use for the rolling pin!

  4. I can't think of anything better to do with that rolling pin-I love what you did with it! I also LOVE the door as a countertop!

  5. That is so clever!! It looks fantastic and the door as a counter top is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your creative ideas with us at Inspiration Friday!

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