Friday, August 17, 2012

Growing blackberries on a telegraph pole

What does one do with all those glass insulators they have sitting around???
Wait what??? You aren't sure what I am talking about or even more odd, you don't have BUCKETS of them sitting around your house? /sigh Oh the things we collect...for one reason or another.

If you really don't know what I'm talking about, let's have a look.

Or how about another look see...

YEP! That is me. YEP AGAIN!!! We FOUND all those insulators while geocaching.
More on that here.

My fascination with these things started a long long time ago.
My Dad would always find them while he was hiking.
I would always look for them and never find them.
Now, I would find them at sales, but that isn't the same as stumbling upon while walking in the woods.

I would pick unique looking ones up at sales. My Dad would give me some.
My Grandmother would find something to use as a candle holder for them (put a votive inside them).
I would get more from my Dad. One day my Dad gave me a bucket full of them.
I already had a copier paper box full of them. Now I have an additional bucket.
THEN, there is the lot in the above picture. Jeesh!! That is an awful lot of insulators just sitting around.

We have put some in the garden.

The bottom picture has the insulators on top of the stakes for the fence for our peas.
You can read about our peas and some more photos here.

They have even worked their way into many rooms in the house, but that isn't why we're here.
You stopped by to read about the blackberries.
We dug up a bunch of blackberry plants from Jim's Mom's. We knew where we were going to put them, but that is about all the further the thought process went. We got them in the ground and put some pavers around them (the pavers were repurposed, we didn't buy new!!) and then we got to talking about what we were going to do to help contain them once they grew up. We decided on something similar to a clothesline and then Jim took it one step further and said, why don't we have our own telegraph poles and use some of those insulators??? (yes, this is one of the reasons he is my number one!!!)

The construction happened quickly and I didn't get to take any photos along the way. That means we get to look at the finished product right away!!! 

Look at how tiny those plants are!!
It is okay that you laughed at my Red Solo Cup Garden.
If you are laughing, I can only hope you are stuck with that song in your head!
We grew lots of stuff from seed this year and the solo cups were our starting pots!

Isn't the telegraph pole pretty cool??
The birds love it and surprisingly they don't bother the berries (much)!
The top left and the bottom picture were taken in May. 
You can't see it very well, but there are two lines of wire running between the poles. 
We talked about how it would be cool when the plants someday topped the wires.
Well, we didn't have to wait very long!!!
Take a look at the top right picture. That was taken just the other day.
We can't believe how fast they have grown...AND...they have even produced berries!
Some of the plants are now taller than the top wire, which is roughly five feet!!!!

Here is a peek at the telegraph pole and the bean planter and trellis.
If you missed the post about the planter and trellis, they are way cool. They are made from pallet wood.
In this picture you can see the beans have topped the trellis!!! yay!!!!

Just in case you forgot, we live in the city.
It doesn't much look that way because I grew up in the country.
It is our little piece of the country in the city!

Thanks so much for stopping by! So do you have buckets of these things or am I really the ONLY one??

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  1. What a good idea the Mr. Had! I have tons of these insulators also, but sadly no garden. Looks like you will be ready to make blackberry jelly very soon!

    1. With as much as they have grown in just these few months, I am thinking there will be jam next year! Jim also has a family recipe for blackberry cake...YUM!!!

  2. Your Jim certainly does come up with some great ideas..They look awesome with the insulators..Very whimsical (I love that word..whimsical)you do make it look like you live in the country..I have always thought insulators were interesting and some are down right pretty..As for the blackberries..YUM..I love them and they are SO expensive in the grocery stores..

  3. I LOVE how you displayed these! I always love using things in unexpected ways.
    Looks great!!

  4. hi! WOW what neat neat neat ideas!!!!! gonna try those with the resisters love your garden designs want a small one at my cottage too! :) following you now.....ill be back! lol hugs kat =^.^= ps thanks for your lovely comments on my furn redo! :)

  5. You really used them in unexpected ways - great idea! Your garden looks so pretty and neat. I want some blackberries - love them. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!



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