Monday, May 7, 2012

A Bridal Shower Game idea

Hey! How is everyone? I've been doing some blog contemplating. I guess I have had a hard time posting lately because I felt it needed to be a post about something we have created (the name and all). I've decided that it really will be ok to post about things that aren't always creative too...hoping that is ok.

Today's post is a creative post. This post has been waiting for yesterday to come and go. If you remember the bridal shower gift I posted about last month (found here), well that was part one. Part two took place yesterday. Steph, yep the one I always talk about, {love her} is in the wedding. She came across this idea on Pinterest and wanted to adapt it ...

The idea is off Craftaholics Anonymous and her blog can be found here

Steph wanted to do tiaras and something that was more personal to the groom than a mustache.
We looked through my Cricut Cartridges and decided on a fireman's helmet since the groom is a fireman.

Pink and green tiaras for the bride.
Pink and green are her colors.

Fire helmets for the groom.

The Bride and Groom were asked the same questions.
The question and an answer was given to those in attendance.
If you thought the answer was the Bride's answer, you raised your tiara --
If you thought the answer was the Groom's answer, you raised the helmet.

Both cuts are off the Create A Critter Cartridge.

Cute huh? I was not in attendance at this shower. We went greenhouse hopping with my Mom this weekend. That is a post in itself. We had fun. Anywho. I haven't seen any picture of the tiaras/helmets in use. If I do I will pass them along. Perhaps we can get Steph, or Nicole, or one of the girls,  to post some to the facebook page. ;)

I hope everyone is well. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. They were fantastic!!! you both did a great job and this bride is LUCKY!!!!!!!!!



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