Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quick and Easy Mother's Day Card

We are using basic supplies to make this one! This card was inspired by the paper. Let's take a look.

As soon as I saw this paper I knew I NEEDED to have it.
I had no idea what I needed it for, but I needed it.
Well, it sat here and sat here and sat here some more.

I don't know where the idea came from, but I like it.
It was a little outside my comfort level, but I love how it turned out.

The paper and the stamps...

What I did...
1. I stamped the mother stamp.
2. Cut around the stamp.
3. Inked around the edges of the white paper.
4. Adhered the Mother stamp image to black paper.
5. Cut the black paper.
(most people probably measure their pieces ahead of time, I do not. I stamp, cut, adhere cut)
6. Cut the black toile paper slightly smaller than my card base.
7. Tied a bow around the toile paper, using some adhesive on the back to help it stick and to keep the toile from raising up off the card base later (this might be a lesson learned, I can neither confirm nor deny)
8. Adhered the toile to the card base.
9. Used foam dots behind the mother image and adhered to the toile.
The front is done! :)
Here's another look.

Here's a look at the inside.

The inside was pretty simple.
1. Cut the white paper slightly smaller than the card base.
2. Ink the edges of the white paper.
3. Stamp the sentiment.

I hope you like it!!!

Here's a peek at an upcoming post.
Chive Blossom Vinegar

I hope everyone is well!!!!
hugs ~jen


  1. Hi Jen! I'm doing well! Your card is awesome!!! So elegant and classy! I think I have that same paper in pale pink and pale blue! LOVE it! The chive blossom vinegar is pretty, can't wait to see your post on it. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Dawn

  2. That is a gorgeous card! I'm not into "toile" either usually but for that card it worked out wonderfully. I guess there is room for every style and taste somewhere! LOL!
    You'd be proud of me (tee hee) I used scrap booking paper to slide in some sleeves in front of some notebooks. I actually had to cut the paper to size and slide it in. It's a step! LOL! I posted about it and thought of you the whole time. Is there a special glue that I could glue paper to plastic for labels on the binder spines?
    I take it card stock and scrap booking paper are 2 different things? I think I need to get card stock. I want to make chicken stuff like your cards. I don't have anyone to send cards too much but I could make a couple or start on Christmas although I have a bunch of Christmas cards already. I think I need to decoupage stuff. Same thing really just on a bigger scale right?
    I do love that card though! Who ever gets that is the lucky one! Have a great Mother's Day!

  3. Simple and elegant. I love it! Please share your recipe for the chive vinegar, It looks yummy!

  4. I saw this card in person and it is very pretty. I love the toile paper. Another great job, look out Hallmark you have some competition.



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