Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peanut Butter cookies using the Stampin' Up Cookie Press

Happy Valentine's Day a day late everyone!!!! Today is Valentine's Day for Jim and I though. He worked late last night. He's made a layered chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I think I am going to pair it with some of the red raspberries I have in the fridge.  He's also grilling steak and making crab cakes for dinner! Unfortunately the crab cakes will be all his since I have developed an allergy to some shell fish. *insert HUGE frownie face here*
I'm very much looking forward to our evening together.  It is also a hockey night in Pittsburgh so I am sure there will be a hockey game in our house tonight!

Anywho....back on track!!! For Christmas I was given the Stampin' Up cookie press holiday set. How cool is it that I can now use rubber stamps in the kitchen!!!!!! We (ok, really HE) made the peanut butter cookie recipe found on the back of the Jif jar. If you've never made it before, it is delish recipe. I tried taking pictures of the recipe on the jar but some combination of lighting and my camera and maybe even the user didn't work together yesterday afternoon. I promise it is the recipe straight off the jar.

Use a cookie scoop to put the cookies on the cookie sheet. This was the first time the cookie press had been used. We have a little cookie scoop and the ice cream sized scoop. Making these cookies taught us we need the medium size cookie scoop. (my co-workers will tell you this one worked out JUST fine)

Now comes the cookie press.

A whole tray of cookies.

Bake the cookies and this is what you get.

Since these were made with the large cookie scoop the recipe only made 10 cookies.  They were 10 delicious cookies though!!!!

Have a great night everyone! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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  1. They look delicious. I like the stamp.

  2. Definitely the perfect size! Hahaha Peanut Butter cookies are my favorite, especially pretty ones like these. :)



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