Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pallet wood upcycled into an American Flag

Hello to all of my wonderful blog friends! Tomorrow is Friday -- woo hoo!!! Did you have a short work week this week? Do short weeks sometimes seem longer than 'normal' weeks?

The project I am sharing today is one I've been wanting to share for awhile but we needed to 1. go to Jim's Mom's for pictures of the project in its place of honor and 2. have a camera with us when at Jim's Mom's and 3. be there during daylight hours. Parts one and two weren't too hard, my camera is almost always with us. The third point was the hardest one, at least during the winter months when it gets dark so early.

A number of years back I purchased an American Flag at a local craft show. Jim kept saying he wanted to copy it.  Back in the fall, Jim's Mom had a birthday. Copy the flag he did.  Here's the one I purchased at Shaker Woods.

I was going to crop both of these pictures to show the flag but then thought each picture tells it own story, so... I didn't crop them and you get these stories plus the story of the new flag. 
Lucky you.  Thanks for reading!!!!!!
The above picture was taken our first fall in this house. So much to say. I mean look at that beautiful front door. I know each of you are jealous you don't have a front door that looks that  good! This was also before
I painted the fireplace. I think I've told that story somewhere on the blog, but long story short, Jim woke up our first Thanksgiving morning to me watching the parade painting the fireplace! "morning honey!"
Don't worry, we had previously discussed it. 

At some point we acquired a mirror from my Dad's garage and it became the focal point for the mantel. The flag was now displaced. Jim had made the two shelves in the above picture. Prior to the flag hanging here there was a print here and the print and the shelves didn't really work well together. Print down, flag up.
Notice the napping Jynx on the back of the couch?

On to the copy cat flag. Jim took measurements of this one and made himself a sketch and off the basement he went to make his own creation.  Where did the pallet wood come from? Our local grocery store has some pallets they throw away and some they recycle. The throw away ones are free for the taking for employees. Let me just say we aren't at a shortage for pallet wood!!!!

The flag was given to Jim's Mom for her birthday. She, of course, loves it! We had hoped she would hang it on their newly built barn, but being her gift it was up to her where it went...

Here is Jim's finished product!

Here is where it hangs!

Another look with some nice evening sunlight!

It looks perfect there doesn't it?

Jim also enjoys driving down her driveway and admiring his handiwork! 
Can't say I blame him!!!

Thanks so much for stopping in!
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  1. I love pallet wood projects! This turned out awesome :) Great work!

  2. I really love the wooden flag! Jim did an awesome job, and what a perfect place to hang it... Hugs, Dawn

  3. Awesome job Jim..That would look so great on our old wooden garage also..Right now we have a big tin star painted American Flag style hanging there..

  4. I'm thinking I need to have a talk with Mr. Jim, I want one of these for my front porch! Love it, good job.



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