Friday, June 15, 2012

Chipped with Charm!

So many things I want to share, sometimes I don't share because I'm not sure where to start.
I sat down for the post and I thought it was going to be about one thing and somehow it has become something altogether different. Part of the fun!!!

A few weeks ago we picked up an old AND HEAVY birdbath at a yard sale. We went to the sale because Stampin' Up supplies were advertised. Don't worry!!! I bought the Stampin' Up supplies too. Ink, paper and stamps oh my!!! There were also some gardening items at the sale, or should I say there were two sales at the same had the stamping supplies and the other lady had some gardening stuff. Anywho!!!! Jim is usually good at spotting these things. I saw it as soon as we pulled up, but I went straight to the stamping stuff. After I spent most of my yard sale money on stamping stuff, I pointed to the bird bath. We came home with the bird bath and some pots and who knows what else. ;)

Here it is.
The lady we bought it from had mixed emotions about selling it.
It was one of the first gifts she ever bought her husband.
He wouldn't ever let her sell it.
He passed away a few years ago and she decided it was time.
We joked how he was going to be upset with her once the money exchanged hands.
We brought it home, went to the home improvement store and bought some stuff to seal the one crack in it.
We left it as it was. It tells a story this way. 
You can see the different colors it has been painted over the years.
I saw this lady last weekend. When I finally placed how I knew her, I pulled out my phone and showed her a picture similar to this one. She was so happy to see it has a new home!
I love it and I think the rose campion (the pinkish flower) looks great next to it.
I met up with a girlfriend I hadn't seen in a couple years and we exchanged plants, this campion was one of them.

The other chipped with charm piece I want to share is a table.
It, too, has a story. I like stories.
We were sitting in the living room the other night. It was pretty much dark out. I heard flip flops approaching the front door. Our neighbor across the street came over to see if we had seen the table up the street and around the corner. We hadn't. She said "Well, it just looks like something you would bring home and do something cute with!" We chatted for a few minutes and walked around the garden. She left, Jim and I came in and got shoes and keys. It was far enough up the street and around the corner that depending on size, carrying it wasn't an option.  YEP!!!! We came home with it.

Here it is!!!

Isn't it the cutest???
We brought home the two chairs. 
The chairs are in worse shape than table.
It doesn't look like it here, but it IS falling apart.
The view from the porch...
and of course there is now an empty spot on the porch,
the spot where I took the planter from...

looking up the sidewalk...
with a view of the side garden

Standing in front of it.
Isn't it charming?
I'm thinking of stenciling our house number on the front of it.

Standing behind it, looking toward the front of the house.
I also love that some of my neighbors have learned my style!

One more picture. 
The porch!

I always come up with something for the porch, but I have never been completely happy with the look
until now.

You know that smile you get when you have achieved the image in your head???
This version of the porch gets that.
Now I just need to find something to put on that little table since that is where the planter sitting on 'new' table came from. Always something huh??

Part of the fun? or do you consider it madness?
Either way, it is part of what makes me tick!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Wonderful story about the bird bath! You will give it a good home I'm sure. Also, the table is awesome, you picked a perfect place for it! You should have showed a picture of you SU treasures you got at the garage sale, I'm noisy that way... Hugs, Dawn

  2. Cute idea with the table! I think your house number painted on it would be perfect!

  3. Oh! I love it! That table is so cute and perfect for outside there. I never thought of putting a table out in the garden. And you MUST paint your house number on it...that is a great idea!
    I love the birdbath. Those old heavy ones are an arm and a leg today so you got yourself a bargain!
    I know what you mean about the "feeling" of when something looks and feels just right. I'm not happy with my front porch and I keep changing it but still haven't come up with anything that really suits me yet.
    Your entryway is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your projects...I love them all!



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