Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our version of a PB cubby shelf

One thing I have learned since digging into the realms of the blog world is that most people like to make knock offs of items in the "expensive catalogs." One of the things that I have noticed on every few blogs is the blog owners version of a PB cubby shelf.
I had to Google it to see what the original PB product looks like. Here are a couple I found using a Google Image search

and this one

Now, I do have to admit when I saw what these cubby shelves were and blog owners everywhere were having their other halves recreate them, I chuckled. I chuckled because we already have something hanging on the wall in the living room. We didn't recreate them or pay high end prices for either one.  Ours are rustic, rusty, and quirky....which makes them PERFECT!!!!

An old soda bottle crate we picked up at a sale a couple years ago...

This little cubby thing was one of my Christmas presents last year. Don't know what it is, but I l.o.v.e it.
When the house isn't Christmas-ed the cubbies house little things that remind us of people and/or places.
The center cubby has a fishing bobber, a marble sized ball and I think there is something else in there.  We have found all those things while out geocaching. The bobber was found on a very rainy day of caching. :)

I am not saying the PB ones aren't nice. I just like ours because they have character and a story.
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  1. Hi there! Love your little knick nack cubbies, soo cute. Your right it does make our decorations better when there old and have a story behind them, instead of buying something new, for a ba zillion dollars and probably made in China!!!! Have a wonderful day...

  2. Great job on all your new creations. Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a merry christmas.



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