Friday, July 29, 2011

Love from the beach

We did some shopping on this Friday evening and then went for a ride. We traveled some roads we hadn't traveled before and enjoyed ourselves while doing so. Progress has done so much for us, but yet, progress could probably be considered our own worst enemy. It was nice being one of a handful of cars on the road. We stopped at The White Turkey Drive-In in Conneaut, OH and had a very tasty meal and dessert. Visit them here. From there we drove to our favorite beach in Conneaut, OH. While Jim was looking at some driftwood, I took this picture. It was a pretty cool find on our pretty cool Friday Night.
Hope you did something fun on this Friday night. ~Jen

1 comment:

  1. Jen, this is a great shot. I think I need to look harder for hearts and other fun shapes in nature. Makes a great game with the kids too. Thanks for visiting today!



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